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If you’re looking to add a feature to your bathroom, why not inject some personality with your choice of basin? From basins with built-in storage such as the vanity option or inset designs boasting plenty of counter space for skincare, there are many ways in which you can make the basin the focal point of the room. Often chosen as an afterthought, the WC can greatly alter the feel of the bathroom. Traditional versions with a separate cistern and pan are a classic choice that work well as a feature if renovating a Victorian or period home. Alternatively, a wall-hung design with hidden cistern can help an en-suite appear larger as well as making the floor easier to clean. 

Pedestal Basins

Perfect for the traditional bathroom, a pedestal basin is one of the most popular designs thanks to the wide selection of styles available. Whether you’re looking for something modern or perhaps a more decorative option, there is no shortage of different pedestal basins on the market. Attached to the wall, pipework is cleverly hidden, helping to provide a neat finish to the room.


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Wall-Hung Basins

A wall-hung basin is ideal for a downstairs cloakroom or those looking to save space in a family bathroom or en-suite. Compact and contemporary, the basin is mounted to the wall, creating the illusion of more space as there is no pedestal. This style comes in a variety of different looks, from traditional to modern square designs, making it a versatile option.


Countertop Basins

Placed either on a vanity unit or floating shelf, a countertop basin works well if you’re planning on creating a design-led space. Not only can you hand-pick the colour but you can also customise the shape, making this a great option for those who know exactly what they want. Fixed to a level surface, a countertop basin also works well for those who want more storage in their bathroom, particularly when paired with a vanity.


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Inset Basins

Most commonly found in kitchens, an inset basin is one which is lowered into a flat surface and the style is now becoming a popular choice for bathrooms, too. Working especially well for spaces with dual basins, an inset design provides plenty of counter space ideal for the storage and display of toiletries and personal products. This basin often means that pipework is hidden within a vanity underneath, creating a sense of luxury.


Closet Basins

If you’re short on space yet storage is essential, a closet basin would fit seamlessly into the bathroom. With the basin mounted atop a vanity unit, a closet sink is a fantastic space-saver that can be frequently found in cloakrooms. Despite being one of the smallest basins on the market, there are plenty of closet basins to choose from so you won’t need to sacrifice style for space.


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Vanity Basins

Not dissimilar from a closet basin, a vanity basin provides plenty of storage to neatly tidy products away. Often boasting large basins, they are the perfect luxury option to upgrade the bathroom. Offering a five-star hotel look, a vanity basin helps to hide any pipework and is available in a range of sizes and styles.


Close-Coupled Toilets

When it comes to selecting the ideal WC for your new bathroom, there are plenty of things to consider. However, if you’re planning to go down the traditional route of a pan and cistern that are part of one unit, then a close-coupled design could be what you are looking for. Available in many styles, it is easy to install and provides a classic finish.


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Back-To-Wall Toilets

For those opting for a more modern feel, a back-to-wall WC is a great choice. This contemporary style has the cistern hidden, creating a streamlined, clean look. A back-to-wall model can also be customisable with a range of different flush plates to match the rest of the bathroom suite.


Wall-Hung Toilets

A wall-hung WC is a practical option, especially for those with smaller bathrooms. Appearing to be floating anywhere from 15-19 inches high, a wall-hung design makes cleaning your space simple. Mounted to the bathroom wall, the cistern is hidden in a similar way to a back-to-wall WC with the water tank contained in the space behind it, instantly updating your bathroom.


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Traditional Model Toilets

If you’re looking for a classic WC that will stand the test of time, why not opt for something traditional? Still a popular choice in many homes, a traditional design is a good alternative for those looking for something more ornate. Available as a close-coupled style or with a separate cistern and pan such as high-level model, a traditional WC is a good way to elevate a tired bathroom scheme, helping it to feel more luxurious.


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